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From the beginning of October I have moved my blog. I didn’t finished the new design of the blog but I will do as soon as I can. Thank you for joining me! See you  on:

animal mask

Fight for Roșia Montană!

September 8th is the GLOBAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY to SAVE ROȘIA MONTANĂ. More than 10.000 people are protesting in  Bucharest right now and other thousands in other cities from Romania for the 8th consecutive night of demonstrations against the Roșia Montană gold mining project. I’m very proud of my country and I hope that people never give up to fight for our rights, our mountains, our life.
I made a small illustration inspired by a banner that a girl had on the first day of demonstrations.
rosia montana illustration
The mountains don’t deserve cyanide for gold!
save rosia montana
The mountains are like a soul and the soul is not for sale!

A handmade wedding gift

wedding gift

Last week I was in Romania and I participated at one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been. Maybe because it was a simple wedding just with the family and best friends in the heart of mountains, not so traditional, with goodies and good music, a wedding where I contributed with my soul and a lot of creativity. I made the bouquets for the bride, bridesmaid and godmothers and  I also prepared  a handmade gift for the married couple. I hope you like it! Continue reading

Wedding inspiration (part I)

There are a lot of wedding blogs trying to help people to find their own wedding style. There are also a lot of people who follow a “recipe” step by step because they want a wedding like in American movies.  I have to recognize that I’m looking after pretty things for my moment, but I really know what I want to do and to make for that day. I just like to search and to discover new decor ideas or flower arrangements. In the end, the wedding will be a party and a story about us, about who we are and what we like, about our love and happiness and we will share all these  with our friends.

keywords: natural, handmade, animals, bicycles, pastel, delicate, romantic.

My kind of dress

my kind of wedding dress{source}

My kind of place Continue reading

Work in progress

work in progress

I don’t want to say more for the moment….Keywords: wedding, story, animals, names. Can you imagine what I’m preparing?

Retrospection (2) – Creative things

My time is divided into gardening, cooking, traveling, learning French, looking for a job in Belgium, planning our wedding and occasionally painting. I could say that I have a wonderful vacation, but when I’m not happy with how I spend my time (I waste it with unimportant things), it’s not a blessing. I painted so little in the last 4 months and I have so many ideas in my head. (I’m so sorry Maria from Australia, I know that you waited a lot for a painted T-shirt by Chichiridiche,  I wasn’t in the mood to make it).

Today I started to paint some wooden houses that I will show you next days. Until then, here’s what I’ve done lately:

– painted pillows for a married couple (don’t ask me why I combined a frisbee with a bicycle for him and cupcakes and panties for her – this was the customer’s request)

painted pillow

– a painted T-shirt (it wasn’t my idea. I received a photo to paint this cat face – “Too much love”)

painted t-shirt– a recipe illustration. See my Guest Post for Kittenhood here.

– a painted dress for a pretty lady

painted dres for kidsphoto: Raisphotography

I wish you a wonderful and creative day!

Retrospection (1)

It’s almost two months since I have not written on my blog… and I made a looot of things. I have to recognize that the title is inspired by Murmu.

So here is a summary of what I’ve made lately:

  • Easter time in Liege, Belgium – I made natural dye eggs for the first time:

dyed eggs naturally

easter eggs

eggs Easter

  • I made “cozonac” (sponge cake) also for the first time in my life

cozonac de casa

  • I participated at my fist running race.

first running race

  • I worked A LOT for SkirtBike in Romania (a stylish bicycle parade where the skirt and the bicycle are the dress code. More than 1500 girls cycled in 10 cities in the same day. Amazing right?)

skirtbikephoto credit: Mihai Andrei

  • I met Dana Rogoz and I made shopping with the girls at H&M Showroom in Bucharest


  • We had a bad weather at SkirtBike Bucharest, the worst possible

skirtbike foto elmiplant 2photo: Elmiplant Romania

  • but I met nice friends (Nico)


  • and Vixy Blu made for me perfect cards. The most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen!



  • after SkirtBike I went to Vienna at Velo-City. I am very proud to be one of the winners of Cycling Visionaries Award with SkirtBike Project. (Thanks for voting me!)
    Velo-city conferences serve as a global communication and information platform aiming to address decision makers in order to improve the planning and provision of infrastructure for the everyday use of bicycles in urban environments. Velo-city conferences typically bring together more than 1,000 delegates such as engineers, planners, architects, social marketers, academic researchers, environmentalists and industry representatives who join forces with government at all levels in order to build effective transnational partnerships to deliver benefits to cycling worldwide.

velo city vienna

velo city vienna

Andreea velo-city vienna

ice cream vienna

velo-city viennaphoto credit: Cristian Vlădoaica

To be continued…


How to Dye Easter Eggs the Natural Way

This year I made natural dye eggs using onions skin but I will show you next days. If you haven’t prepared the Easter eggs yet, here are some great ideas for naturally dyed eggs:

naturally dyed eggs

 Before heading out to the store to purchase the typical Easter egg dyes take a look in your pantry and refrigerator. You’d be surprised at the number of items you may already have on hand that will easily and naturally dye your Easter eggs. A variety of spices, vegetables and fruits will transform your eggs into hues of pinks, blues, purples, browns and yellows: turmeric, purple cabbage, yellow onion skins, blueberries, coffee and tea. Continue reading

Sketchbook#1: Skirt Bike

Sketchbook skirtbike


I couldn’t begin my sketchbook without drawing a girl and a bicycle 🙂 I started today and it took me a few minutes to finish. A pretty Skirt Bike poster was in my mind but unfortunately I’m the event coordinator and I can’t participate for the poster design contest. But if you want, check the details here.

Swap Atelierul, spring edition

Now it’s time to show you the pretty things I received from my swap partner Andreea and also what I made for her. I’m happy that I joined spring swap edition organized by Revista Atelierul.

SWAP Atelierul

Continue reading

A little preview

It was a busy and exciting period, I started to organize the SkirtBike event in Bucharest, but after all I managed to finish the present for my swap partner. I’m sure you can’t imagine what I made 🙂 but I will show you soon! A little preview :

swap atelierul 2013 preview

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cycling in bucharest

It’s been a while since I haven’t written on this blog and I really missed it! After I finished with my Master thesis I spent precious time with my niece and my sister in Romania, I was at my parents home, I run from a friend to another, I had some meetings with some local NGO about bicycles, new standards, bike lanes and infrastructure situation in Bucharest, I met for the first time the Mayor of Bucharest (he’s not a nice person), I participated at the biggest protest in Bucharest where people reclaimed their street rights regarding bicycle infrastructure… Continue reading