4 months of Happiness

It’s incredible how our little Nadia has changed since I came to Romania. She  is very happy about discovering and exploring new places or things: a color, a sound, a shape. She makes my heart melt every day and it will be very difficult for me to go back to Belgium! Happy Birthday my dear for your 4 months anniversary with us!

Here is the christening invitation that I made for Nadia:

christening invitation

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Creative People: Kürti Andi

kurti andi kids dresses birds

Andrea Kürti is a fashion designer and illustrator, from Cluj–Napoca, Romania. I found Andrea 2 months ago on Pinterest and I fall in love with all the clothes that she designed for children. Continue reading

Lovely Bicycle Trinkets ( part I)

Take your time to see these lovely bicycle trinkets made by me in 2012.

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I’m back…

I am sorry for the lack of posting this period.  I’ve been busy with my master thesis but I’m happy to say that I’m Master of Science now, it’s almost spring in Bucharest and I’m back! Here are my spring trinkets collection with snowdrops 🙂 You can also read about “mărțișor” Romanian tradition here. Happy day  to you all !

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Creative People: Happy spring trinkets made by Simcute

CREATIVE PEOPLEI told you last year some things about Simcute and her colorful trinkets and brooches. I worked with her for two lovely projects and I really appreciate her progress and wonderful things she made. It’s all about passion for colors, details and things that make people happy.   This year she launched an awesome collection with spring trinkets with lovely messages, houses, birds, bicycles and butterflies. You can find more on Simcute shop or on her Facebook page.

În cadrul seriei “Oameni creativi” azi v-o prezint pe Simcute, care vine la pachet cu broșe, mărțișoare, pandative din colecția proaspăt lansată în 2013. Despre ea v-am mai povestit anul trecut aici, însă revin cu același entuziasm pentru că apreciez progresul ei și lucrurile minunate pe care le realizează. Veți găsi în magazinașul ei online numai lucruri vesele și colorate, pentru că pictează totul cu pasiune și cu o atenție deosebită pentru culoare și detalii, lucuri mărunte care să-i facă pe oameni fericiți. Pot fi oferite cadou de Dragobete, de Mărțișor și nu numai. O găsiți și pe Facebook.

Awesome handmade things with lovely messages:

simcute martisoare handmade casute


simcute_martisoare brose pictate manual

simcute_martisoare handmade cu biciclete

simcute_martisoare brose din ceramica

simcute_foxy earrings




Which one do you like more?

Creative People” is a blog series about people I like or I appreciate, people who inspire me and I hope that others will be also inspired.

Happy Friday!

It’s very nice to work near my garden. I can see the sun, the clouds, the snow and more than 10 cats walking  every day through the garden 🙂  winter and flowers at my window

working for my dissertation

More than 10 days without painting… but I’ll be back soon. Here it is February from our beautiful bicycle calendar:

february bicycle calendar

A cat visited me 15 minutes ago. I think it’s not necessary to make any comment, because pictures speak for themselves.


cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

cat 4

cat 5

cat 6

cat 7

cat eating

cat funny face

cat in the garden

may I enter

this morning

Happy Friday!

***Update 15:45 Another cat 🙂

another cat

Creative People: Sarah Trumbauer

CREATIVE PEOPLESarah Trumbauer is a paper-cut artist living in Annapolis, Maryland, who gained her graduate degree in fine art from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. She makes the most beautiful and delicate papercuts I have ever seen in my life! Each piece is a unique work of art. Sarah is inspired by nature, art nouveau, antique doilies and lace, children’s stories and fairy tales. Here are some of her works:

sarah trumbauer papercuts

papercut by Sarah Trumbauer 1

papercut by Sarah Trumbauer

the art of papercut

sarah trumbauer paper cuts

You can see more paper cuts on her Facebook page and you can order them here. Which one do you like more?

Creative People” is a blog series about people I like or I appreciate, people who inspire me and I hope that others will be also inspired.

This weekend…

weekend Bruxelles weekend in Bruxelles weekend Bruxelles waffles weekend Bruxelles lovely friends weekend cookingweekend spring

Weekend labels: Brussels, lovely friends, waffles, Delirium Cafe, thief, Police, wine, cooking, working, spring.

Tips: Beware of your luggage in Belgium!

Have a  wonderful week!

“I love my bike” T-shirt

bicycle t-shirt

handmade painted bike t-shirt

I’m happy to find two lovely photos with Diana, wearing this handmade painted T-shirt made by Chichiridiche. She’s great!

Apple crumble & a little trinket

A colorful trinket … c’est moi qui l’ai fait 🙂

martisor ghiocel _  trinket

Last weekend I ate this delicious dessert prepared by my friend Luana and  she inspired me to try it  on weekend: Apple Crumble & Ice Cream.

apple crumble{photo source}

apple crumble with vanilla ice cream{photo source}

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello Kitty T-shirts

Illustration by Lia Raducanu

Illustration by Lia Răducanu for Books Express

Normally  I would have to show you a new illustration today for my Friday blog series, but I didn’t have time to prepare it. I decided  to stop all my artistic activities until I finish my dissertation thesis. Now I’m working on it and the illustration above express very well my situation 🙂

So I will come back with new works in March. Until then, I will show you pretty things that I made last year.  Here are two t-shirt that I painted for two lovely girls from Norway: Assa and Johanne. Happy Friday!

hello kitty painted t-shirt

hello kitty painted t-shirt

Meet Miss Sh’muffin

Miss Sh’muffin is a lady with attitude, she’s perfectionist, she loves colors and sweet details. She always prepares muffins or cupcakes for her friends and she’s going to try new sweet recipes. She’s like me 🙂 and you will see a lot of illustrated recipes pretty soon on Chichiridiche.

Miss Sh'muffin

cupcakes illustration detail

dress detail

illustration detail

Now I have to find a nice place for her in the kitchen to see me how I draw and cook muffins 🙂  Have a lovely day!

in the house