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Dear Friends,
From the beginning of October I have moved my blog. I didn’t finished the new design of the blog but I will do as soon as I can. Thank you for joining me! See you  on:

animal mask

Retrospection (1)

It’s almost two months since I have not written on my blog… and I made a looot of things. I have to recognize that the title is inspired by Murmu.

So here is a summary of what I’ve made lately:

  • Easter time in Liege, Belgium – I made natural dye eggs for the first time:

dyed eggs naturally

easter eggs

eggs Easter

  • I made “cozonac” (sponge cake) also for the first time in my life

cozonac de casa

  • I participated at my fist running race.

first running race

  • I worked A LOT for SkirtBike in Romania (a stylish bicycle parade where the skirt and the bicycle are the dress code. More than 1500 girls cycled in 10 cities in the same day. Amazing right?)

skirtbikephoto credit: Mihai Andrei

  • I met Dana Rogoz and I made shopping with the girls at H&M Showroom in Bucharest


  • We had a bad weather at SkirtBike Bucharest, the worst possible

skirtbike foto elmiplant 2photo: Elmiplant Romania

  • but I met nice friends (Nico)


  • and Vixy Blu made for me perfect cards. The most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen!



  • after SkirtBike I went to Vienna at Velo-City. I am very proud to be one of the winners of Cycling Visionaries Award with SkirtBike Project. (Thanks for voting me!)
    Velo-city conferences serve as a global communication and information platform aiming to address decision makers in order to improve the planning and provision of infrastructure for the everyday use of bicycles in urban environments. Velo-city conferences typically bring together more than 1,000 delegates such as engineers, planners, architects, social marketers, academic researchers, environmentalists and industry representatives who join forces with government at all levels in order to build effective transnational partnerships to deliver benefits to cycling worldwide.

velo city vienna

velo city vienna

Andreea velo-city vienna

ice cream vienna

velo-city viennaphoto credit: Cristian Vlădoaica

To be continued…


A little preview

It was a busy and exciting period, I started to organize the SkirtBike event in Bucharest, but after all I managed to finish the present for my swap partner. I’m sure you can’t imagine what I made 🙂 but I will show you soon! A little preview :

swap atelierul 2013 preview

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cycling in bucharest

It’s been a while since I haven’t written on this blog and I really missed it! After I finished with my Master thesis I spent precious time with my niece and my sister in Romania, I was at my parents home, I run from a friend to another, I had some meetings with some local NGO about bicycles, new standards, bike lanes and infrastructure situation in Bucharest, I met for the first time the Mayor of Bucharest (he’s not a nice person), I participated at the biggest protest in Bucharest where people reclaimed their street rights regarding bicycle infrastructure… Continue reading

Happy Friday!

It’s very nice to work near my garden. I can see the sun, the clouds, the snow and more than 10 cats walking  every day through the garden 🙂  winter and flowers at my window

working for my dissertation

More than 10 days without painting… but I’ll be back soon. Here it is February from our beautiful bicycle calendar:

february bicycle calendar

A cat visited me 15 minutes ago. I think it’s not necessary to make any comment, because pictures speak for themselves.


cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

cat 4

cat 5

cat 6

cat 7

cat eating

cat funny face

cat in the garden

may I enter

this morning

Happy Friday!

***Update 15:45 Another cat 🙂

another cat

This weekend…

weekend Bruxelles weekend in Bruxelles weekend Bruxelles waffles weekend Bruxelles lovely friends weekend cookingweekend spring

Weekend labels: Brussels, lovely friends, waffles, Delirium Cafe, thief, Police, wine, cooking, working, spring.

Tips: Beware of your luggage in Belgium!

Have a  wonderful week!

This weekend…

I started a new illustration. I bought my first Winsor and Newton set of watercolors from Schleiper, the best arts and crafts store in town 🙂 I love them, they are so intense and perfect! I hope to paint more beautiful from now on…

work in progress illustration

wip illustration

Breakfast with love:

love beakfast

Mix Salad for dinner with smoked mackerel and potatoes:

mix salad

how I packed a bottle with newspaper and paper balls:

bottle package

I have never played with a rabbit and now I met one and it’s lovely!


lovely rabbit

First running day of the year:


Have a lovely and creative week!

La mulți ani mama!


Today is my mom’s birthday and she’s giving a little party in Romania with my sister and my lovely niece! I wish I could be there too!!!!!  Here are some sweet photography collages that I made yesterday for her. It looks like spring in my house 🙂

spring collage

my mom's birthday

How I packed her gift:

handmade package

There are  few things that represent us in the photos like the little dog (because Mr. A. is Veterinarian) and colors (from me) ♥

A photography collage with  her favorite flowers:

freesia{I didn’t find all photos sources, but I pinned them in my Inspiration Board on Pinterest where you can see the source for some of them}


Azi e ziua mamei și petrece foarte frumos alături de Oana și de nepoțica mea adorabilă ♥ Ah cât aș fi vrut să fiu lângă ele acum!!! Am pregătit special pentru ea câteva colaje foto cu zambilele mele proaspăt înflorite, dar și cu un mic cadou pe care i l-am trimis.  Se pot găsi în fotografii câteva elemente care ne reprezintă pe noi, cum ar fi cățelul de porțelan (de la domnul veterinar) și culorile (de la mine). Tot pentru ea un colaj din frezii, pentru că sunt florile ei preferate. Cam atât pot face eu din depărtare, dar sunt cu gandul la ea. La mulți ani mami!!!

P.S. Aș fi mâncat un tort diplomat acum și n-ar strica nici o prăjitură cu ness.

Some things you may not know about me

martisoare pictatefoto: Simcute

♥ I love colors and even if I’m an Engineer I practice a lot and I try to develop the skill of painting from observation or mixing colors. If you study my archive you will see my progress.

chichiridiche handmade

♥ I’m shopping addicted. No, I’m not a “fashionista” (I just love to read the fashion bloggers but I’m not hurry to buy dresses). I’m shopping addicted when it comes to arts and crafts shops, cooking or kids clothing stores. Mr. A. knows me better and he always tries to avoid these kind of stores. Last time I found a store in Brugge with materials required for making dolls and I left after an hour (of course, he bought me some felt and colored thread just to convince me to go). If I enter in a cooking store, I always loose myself among trays for tarts and cakes. And finally, don’t forget the baby items stores…I always want to buy all the pretty things for my niece, even though I already took almost a closet full of clothes 😀

♥  The most amazing place I have ever visited is Morocco, because the country has plenty to offer, from nature: dessert, mountains, valleys and sea; to culture, art and food.  The people are friendly and most places are colorful. I found there a lot of inspiration 🙂 I had the occasion to visit the country in a local company and living in a Moroccan family home is one of the most authentic way to sample real Moroccan cuisine. Thanks again dear Aziz! (he was our host and our guide there)

 ♥  I have been for 9 years a handball player and I won several awards for being the most technical player.

♥  I love spring, because spring has a different flavor and I like cycling under the blooming trees.

♥   When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer, but it’s never too late to be 🙂

♥   I have met Mr. A.  almost 6 years ago and it was love at first sight.

love on two weelesfoto: Silviu Vlasceanu

♥  The greatest influence in my life has been my sister, because she always guides me to make good choices in my life. We  organized together in Bucharest an  event called “Skirt Bike” which focus on the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women, particularly to those from backgrounds that wouldn’t ordinarily advocate such modes of transport. Our event became national event this year and go off in other eight cities from Romania. You can follow us on Facebook or on our blog.

♥  I love cycling. I love cupcakes/muffins. I love photography.

chic_photograpy Daniel Vrabioiu

cycle chic _photograpy Daniel Vrabioiufoto: Daniel Vrăbioiu

bicycle cupcake made by skirtbike

Have a lovely day!

This weekend…

We spent a beautiful weekend in Brugge. I can’t wait the next weekends to come! In February I’m going to visit a friend from Flemish area, to go in Bruxelles to meet a very lovely and old friend from London, to meet some beautiful friends halfway between Paris and Liege and in March I’m going to Romania again ♥.


weekend in brugge

beautiful winter in brugge

winter in brugge

work in progress illustration

Today is my cousin’s Birthday! Happy Birthday my dear! Have a wonderful and creative week!

birthday illustration

This weekend …

I made a Croque Madame and some muffins for our breakfast:

petit déjeuner

I enjoyed the snow. This is the view to our pretty garden:

view from the garden

 I spent time with friends at our Friday “soirée de jeux” (talking, playing games, eating muffins, drinking lemonade, wine or Belgium beer). I worked on my dissertation thesis. I cooked. I found some lovely photos on Pinterest. My favorite pins:

my pinterest inspiration

photo source: 1|2|3|4

Have a creative and wonderful week!


Rezumat din weekend: am făcut Croque Madame (un mic dejun rapid și delicios) și muffins, m-am bucurat de zăpadă (căci e o raritate în Belgia), am organizat la noi acasă, ca în fiecare vineri, o seară de jocuri cu prietenii (italieni și croați), am lucrat la teza de dizertație, am gătit, am găsit câteva fotografii minunate pe Pinterest  din care am de gând să mă inspir în viitoarele mele picturi.

Să aveți săptămână minunată și creativă!

1 zi până la Crăciun! All I want for Christmas is to go HOME!

dear Santa,

Vino de la Polul Nord via Belgia, că tot te-am ajutat atât…merit să mă iei de-o aripă și să mă duci acasă!  Home=Nadia + doruri multe.


Merită măcar să visez…

P.S. S-a dus ziua de azi fără să mai postez nimic, așa că am rătat o zi din numărătoarea mea. Vă promit că voi reveni să vă arăt toate cadourile pe care le-am pregătit pentru cei dragi. După cum spuneam, sunt ajutorul lui Moș Crăciun 🙂

Vă doresc tuturor un Crăciun Fericit în familie…acolo unde ar fi trebuit să fiu și eu acum…Salutări din Belgia!