Fight for Roșia Montană!

September 8th is the GLOBAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY to SAVE ROȘIA MONTANĂ. More than 10.000 people are protesting in  Bucharest right now and other thousands in other cities from Romania for the 8th consecutive night of demonstrations against the Roșia Montană gold mining project. I’m very proud of my country and I hope that people never give up to fight for our rights, our mountains, our life.
I made a small illustration inspired by a banner that a girl had on the first day of demonstrations.
rosia montana illustration
The mountains don’t deserve cyanide for gold!
save rosia montana
The mountains are like a soul and the soul is not for sale!
rosia montana
love rosia montana
fight for rosia montana
original photo:
Today in Bucharest
a child fight for rosia montanaphoto by Daniel Vrăbioiu |
mothers @ rosia montana protestphoto by Daniel Vrăbioiu |
children @ rosia montana
photo by Daniel Vrăbioiu |
save rosia montana
photo by Daniel Vrăbioiu |
A new controversial law just promoted by the Romanian Government is about to go through the Parliament for approval. This law allows a Canadian corporation to construct Europe’s biggest open gold mine which will see the destruction of ancient historic sites dating back to the Roman Empire, 4 mountain tops – generating an 8 km crater visible form the moon – and use over 13.000 tons/year of highly toxic cyanide to extract more than 300 tons gold & 1600 tons silver. The Romanian state will get only 6% of it.
A huge valley will be turned into a dam holding up to 250 million tons of cyanide-laced waste from gold leaching. The cyanide evaporates at just 26°C and will easily reach the atmosphere, generating acid rain which can easily travel in Europe. The national media provided little to no coverage for the protests that began on 1st of September.
Romanians are calling for a global day of protests on 8 September, announced in 50 cities all over the world. ’

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