A little preview

It was a busy and exciting period, I started to organize the SkirtBike event in Bucharest, but after all I managed to finish the present for my swap partner. I’m sure you can’t imagine what I made 🙂 but I will show you soon! A little preview :

swap atelierul 2013 preview

And the pretty package:

swap atelierul 2013

 Now I need your help… You know how much I love cycling, please vote for me here.  Your vote can help me to participate at Velo City Vienna. Thank you! ♥

Andreea  skirtbike

“Velo-city conferences serve as a global communication and information platform aiming to address decision makers in order to improve the planning and provision of infrastructure for the everyday use of bicycles in urban environments. Velo-city conferences typically bring together more than 1,000 delegates such as engineers, planners, architects, social marketers, academic researchers, environmentalists, businessmen/women, and industry representatives who join forces with government at all levels in order to build effective transnational partnerships to deliver benefits to cycling worldwide. “

Have a lovely weekend!


One response to “A little preview

  1. Votat cu drag! Confirmat vot! Succes!

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