Retrospection (2) – Creative things

My time is divided into gardening, cooking, traveling, learning French, looking for a job in Belgium, planning our wedding and occasionally painting. I could say that I have a wonderful vacation, but when I’m not happy with how I spend my time (I waste it with unimportant things), it’s not a blessing. I painted so little in the last 4 months and I have so many ideas in my head. (I’m so sorry Maria from Australia, I know that you waited a lot for a painted T-shirt by Chichiridiche,  I wasn’t in the mood to make it).

Today I started to paint some wooden houses that I will show you next days. Until then, here’s what I’ve done lately:

– painted pillows for a married couple (don’t ask me why I combined a frisbee with a bicycle for him and cupcakes and panties for her – this was the customer’s request)

painted pillow

– a painted T-shirt (it wasn’t my idea. I received a photo to paint this cat face – “Too much love”)

painted t-shirt– a recipe illustration. See my Guest Post for Kittenhood here.

– a painted dress for a pretty lady

painted dres for kidsphoto: Raisphotography

I wish you a wonderful and creative day!


2 responses to “Retrospection (2) – Creative things

  1. Oh, I know the feeling, I’m way too familiar with it! But I do believe that after a not so productive period, comes a creative and inspiring one. It’s all about balance. 🙂
    And I just love your illustrations..every single one of them!!

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