4 months of Happiness

It’s incredible how our little Nadia has changed since I came to Romania. She  is very happy about discovering and exploring new places or things: a color, a sound, a shape. She makes my heart melt every day and it will be very difficult for me to go back to Belgium! Happy Birthday my dear for your 4 months anniversary with us!

Here is the christening invitation that I made for Nadia:

christening invitation

My sources of inspirations: Cristina Marian Illustrations, Anne Geddes Photography, RaisPhotography.

work in progress

christening invitation _ illustration

christening invitation

2 responses to “4 months of Happiness

  1. Andreea, este splendida invitatia! Felicitari!
    Sanatate multa, bucurii si dragoste multa Nadiei. Petrecere frumoasa!

  2. prezența obligatoriu… pe bicicletă… 😛
    sănătate multă și să aveți o petrecere reușită!

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