I’m back…

I am sorry for the lack of posting this period.  I’ve been busy with my master thesis but I’m happy to say that I’m Master of Science now, it’s almost spring in Bucharest and I’m back! Here are my spring trinkets collection with snowdrops 🙂 You can also read about “mărțișor” Romanian tradition here. Happy day  to you all !

martisoare pictate ghiocei

martisoare cu ghiocei


martisoare ghiocei 2

martisoare ghiocei 3

martisoare ghiocei




ghiocei martisoare

ghiocei pictati


ghiocel pictat

martisoare colorate

martisoare cu buline

martisoare vesele (2)

martisoare vesele


martisor handmade


romanian spring trinkets

snowdrops trinket


spring trinkets

One response to “I’m back…

  1. Congratulations Master of Science girl! I love you colorful snowdrops.

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