Creative People: Sarah Trumbauer

CREATIVE PEOPLESarah Trumbauer is a paper-cut artist living in Annapolis, Maryland, who gained her graduate degree in fine art from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. She makes the most beautiful and delicate papercuts I have ever seen in my life! Each piece is a unique work of art. Sarah is inspired by nature, art nouveau, antique doilies and lace, children’s stories and fairy tales. Here are some of her works:

sarah trumbauer papercuts

papercut by Sarah Trumbauer 1

papercut by Sarah Trumbauer

the art of papercut

sarah trumbauer paper cuts

You can see more paper cuts on her Facebook page and you can order them here. Which one do you like more?

Creative People” is a blog series about people I like or I appreciate, people who inspire me and I hope that others will be also inspired.

One response to “Creative People: Sarah Trumbauer

  1. You’re right, are so delicate and contain so many details. Beautiful!

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