Meet Miss Sh’muffin

Miss Sh’muffin is a lady with attitude, she’s perfectionist, she loves colors and sweet details. She always prepares muffins or cupcakes for her friends and she’s going to try new sweet recipes. She’s like me 🙂 and you will see a lot of illustrated recipes pretty soon on Chichiridiche.

Miss Sh'muffin

cupcakes illustration detail

dress detail

illustration detail

Now I have to find a nice place for her in the kitchen to see me how I draw and cook muffins 🙂  Have a lovely day!

in the house

6 responses to “Meet Miss Sh’muffin

  1. The illustration is fantastic! 🙂

  2. Super cute, sweet and colorful! I Love it so much! Keep up the good work, dear!

  3. Thank you ladies! In fact this is the result of my new watercolors. They are awesome!

  4. Vad ca deja se gandeste intens ce sa pregateasca 🙂

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