OANA BEFORT: for the love of flowers and deer

Oana Befort illustrated by Chichiridiche

Today, for “How I see my sweet bloggers|A Blog Series“, I’m happy to share with you my favorite Romanian illustrator : OANA BEFORT. I love her illustrations, the painted masks she does, her photos, her feminine style, the very inspiring Kiddo Tee D.I.Y. She’s perfect and I learn to paint from her every day. Just imagine that I found her when she started blogging and since then I have watched her daily. I saw her evolving, I saw how beautiful she grows her child in a very creative environment. I also had a beautiful collaboration with Oana for my Skirt Bike event. She painted a lovely cyle chic girl; you can find it here.

My illustration is about deer and flowers, because they are the most common themes that I found in her paintings. I’m sorry for the bad quality of my photos. In Belgium it is always cloudy 😀

deer detail

flowers detail  flowers details

Here are a few photos of Oana Befort that  inspired me:

Oana Befort (2)

Oana Befort deer

Oana Befort flowers

Oana Befort mask

You can see Oana’s illustrations on her blog or on her Facebook page.

Happy Friday!

3 responses to “OANA BEFORT: for the love of flowers and deer

  1. Thank you again Andreea! You are just too sweet!

  2. this is so beautiful, good work Andreea

  3. squigglyrainbow

    beautiful post, I too am inspired by Oana – and so glad to have found your blog too! xx

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