Some things you may not know about me

martisoare pictatefoto: Simcute

♥ I love colors and even if I’m an Engineer I practice a lot and I try to develop the skill of painting from observation or mixing colors. If you study my archive you will see my progress.

chichiridiche handmade

♥ I’m shopping addicted. No, I’m not a “fashionista” (I just love to read the fashion bloggers but I’m not hurry to buy dresses). I’m shopping addicted when it comes to arts and crafts shops, cooking or kids clothing stores. Mr. A. knows me better and he always tries to avoid these kind of stores. Last time I found a store in Brugge with materials required for making dolls and I left after an hour (of course, he bought me some felt and colored thread just to convince me to go). If I enter in a cooking store, I always loose myself among trays for tarts and cakes. And finally, don’t forget the baby items stores…I always want to buy all the pretty things for my niece, even though I already took almost a closet full of clothes 😀

♥  The most amazing place I have ever visited is Morocco, because the country has plenty to offer, from nature: dessert, mountains, valleys and sea; to culture, art and food.  The people are friendly and most places are colorful. I found there a lot of inspiration 🙂 I had the occasion to visit the country in a local company and living in a Moroccan family home is one of the most authentic way to sample real Moroccan cuisine. Thanks again dear Aziz! (he was our host and our guide there)

 ♥  I have been for 9 years a handball player and I won several awards for being the most technical player.

♥  I love spring, because spring has a different flavor and I like cycling under the blooming trees.

♥   When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer, but it’s never too late to be 🙂

♥   I have met Mr. A.  almost 6 years ago and it was love at first sight.

love on two weelesfoto: Silviu Vlasceanu

♥  The greatest influence in my life has been my sister, because she always guides me to make good choices in my life. We  organized together in Bucharest an  event called “Skirt Bike” which focus on the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women, particularly to those from backgrounds that wouldn’t ordinarily advocate such modes of transport. Our event became national event this year and go off in other eight cities from Romania. You can follow us on Facebook or on our blog.

♥  I love cycling. I love cupcakes/muffins. I love photography.

chic_photograpy Daniel Vrabioiu

cycle chic _photograpy Daniel Vrabioiufoto: Daniel Vrăbioiu

bicycle cupcake made by skirtbike

Have a lovely day!

7 responses to “Some things you may not know about me

  1. Lovely! Now i feel i know you for years… painting, cycling, cupcakes/muffins, photography… OMG. You are perfect… like me! :)))

  2. asta e pe principiul… cine se aseamănă se adună, da? 🙂
    mi-a plăcut tare mult descrierea asta dar cel mai mult merge la suflet ceea ce spui de Oana. sunteți două norocoase că vă aveți.

  3. Si pentru mine Marocul a reprezentat cel mai frumos loc ever, as putea trai acolo forever and ever 🙂

    • De trait nu stiu daca as putea, dar sa mai traiesc experienta asta de cateva ori pentru o luna doua…mi-ar placea la nebunie!

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